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Jeffery & Kaylynn Beach Wedding
Pictures of the wedding and reception held on February 14, 2012

Doopy Tournament Pages

Fear Fest 2006 at Kings Island
FearFest is one of my favorite times at Kings Island
and the biggest reason that I purchase a Season Pass!
If you have never checked it out - You are missig a great time!

Halloween Haunt 2007 at Kings Island
Since Cedar Fair purchased Kings Island this is the new name
Cedar Fair has turned Halloween into a much more scary
and exciting experience for those brave enought to endure!!
The "monsters" and awesome people and made Haunt a fantastic
Experience for me and my entire family!!

Halloween Haunt 2008 at Kings Island
Here is my experience from the year 2008.
Linked are my videos from YouTube of the walk of monsters,
The famous Friday night WALL OF MONSTERS
and various scares through out the park!
I have also included a few of the YouTube shows!

Halloween Haunt 2009 at Kings Island
Coming Soon

Halloween Haunt 2010 at Kings Island
Coming Soon

Halloween Haunt 2011 at Kings Island
Coming Soon

Halloween Haunt 2012 at Kings Island
Coming Soon

Peter's Powder Factory
Mason, Ohio - just 2 miles from Kings Island
This factory is home to some very strong and not so nice Spirits
I have some pictures of spirits that physically attacked me
Lots of things can be seen and felt at this location

Doopy's Tournament Pages
Tournament pages made my me for various tournament games
Feel free to use any you wish to use!!
Check back as I create more every now and then!

My family Page

Some graphics I have found through out the web - I do not lay claim to any of them and will remove them if they belong to you and you want me to.
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